Future Life Progression

What is Future Life Progression?

Future Life Progression (FLP) is a new guided meditation technique that takes you forward to see your best possible future through visual impressions.

During a Future Life Progression session, the Practitioner uses relaxation and deepening Guided meditation methods to discover areas you are interested in, be open to the visual impressions that you are receiving, and just look around at what you see, I mean you are visiting you FUTURE SELF, let your curiosity explore how you’re doing in the future!

What vibes are you most curious about? The vibes of your future home, your future partner, your future career, your future book title, or perhaps your next big invention?

You are not going through a session of predictions, however you are allowing your mind to walk you through your deepest thoughts and visualizations, helping you focus more on where your heart and mind tend to guide you. It is the time you will take to know yourself from your-future-self.

Guided Meditation has several benefits (below is an illustration of some)


Benefits of Meditation and Future Life Progression

After knowing the benefits of meditation, add the knowledge of your wants, needs, and goals in life. Sometimes we are unable to move forward because of the smallest things acting as barriers, so small that we might not truly understand what they are and we conceal them with EXCUSES.

No more excuses

  • put your energy into knowing yourself before introducing yourself
  • put your time into Meditation where you could focus on what you want to achieve
  • put your mind into Future Life Progression where you will MEET YOUR FUTURE SELF AND GET YOUR ANSWERS

If you could ask your FUTURE self one question, what would it be?



Book your Future Life Progression session today!

For individual sessions or workshop events, contact us 🙂

Thank you



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