Recessionista vs Fashionista

Word of the day

Recessionista: (Noun) a woman dressing fashionably on a budget.

That being said, let’s take a look at Fashionista.

Fashionista: (Noun)

  1. a designer of haute couture

  2. a devoted follower of fashion

We can conclude that both words, at the end of the day have the same meaning, and that is love for fashion. Nowadays, the craze is in being the face of high end brands and promoting them, as if any other respected and renowned “brand” in the market is not enough.

As an Image Consultant, rule number 1, “just because it is trendy, doesn’t mean it is for you”, meaning- if you see it on the runway or Lady Gaga is wearing it, that doesn’t mean it’s a “must have”. There are several aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing an item, an outfit, a shirt, or jeans, or even a hat.

You have unique facial features, a unique body shape, a unique skin undertone, and that gives you YOUR unique style!

Since we know that fashion runways are the seasonal trend setters, however that doesn’t you have to adopt each trend.

The so called Fashionista trend is being combined/confused with Social Media influencers. Let’s discuss this, Fashionista is now being compromised and jeopardized, and it has become a stereotype for “buying power” and fashion is defined by high end brands, forgetting everything else (unless they’ve been asked to promote it, and after they do, they forget about it).

Here’s a free lesson from an Image Consultant, when you want to show off your “outfit of the day- AKA #ootd”, tag the brand (AKA name of the place/store you bought your item from) to guide your follower/ fan where they can get that outfit from. For once let’s be genuine and not shift something out of its purpose, your excuse is “everyone else is doing it”.

There is no grudge, no hate towards “fashionistas”, but have you forgotten that there are people out there that are simply following you to keep up with your updates and yet they belong to the Recessionista group? They apparently  look up to you. When Instagram released its Insights feature it was intended for understanding the demographics of your ideal followers, once you’ve built a great number of followers to fulfill your ego, consider fulfilling their expectations of being spoken to. Talk to them and the way you handle your followers brings in more followers by relating to you.

Just to get this blog piece to a conclusion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Recessionista, being economical and considerate. Being a Fashionista does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive items, or promoting them, or wearing them.



If you love Fashion, love it with a big heart, whether you choose to be Fashionista or a Recessionista, they’re all labels at the end of the day, however love your fashion in all its forms and kinds, unless you have preference for a specific brand, FINE, but ridiculously wearing all brands together, you’d just be a walking display.

With my Love and Passion for Fashion, I am not able to call myself or tag my posts as a Fashionista, because I do not represent the current misunderstanding and portrayal of it.

Therefore, if you agree share your thoughts and ideas on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the following Hashtag #NotThisFashionista

Thank you.



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