8.5 Ways to be a good neighbor

Imagine… This is the World…

Then comes the continent…

Your country…

Your city…

Your community…

Your society…

then Your place of residence.


When you move in to a new apartment, it takes time to adapt and make it feel like home. New environment, new street, and even new neighbors. It is the neighbors’ duty to make you feel like you’re HOME.

You move in to your new apartment, the neighbors fail to make you feel welcome, that is a problem, but the bigger problem truly exists when you have been living with the same people, in the same building for more than 15 years and this is what you see: noses up, zero smiles, invisible shield mode ON, no expression, and no interaction.

I will not go into the interpretation of why some neighbors choose to behave that way, but I will cut to the chase and teach them 8.5 ways to be a good neighbor:

  1. Introduce Yourself: do it for one of two reasons, to know the other person and/or let them know you.
  2. Know your neighbor: pay your neighbor a visit, show up with a friendly gift (not necessarily an expensive one, it will not make you a better person), meet them in person to know them more (do they have kids or not, their working hours, etc) just for you to know when to put your tv down , or how to tone your footsteps.
  3. Don’t be noisy: You simply cannot decide to move your furniture at 11 pm and redecorate, or decide to hang your picture frame at 3 am because your wife had been telling you for years and you just remembered. (if you were loud by mistake, make it a point to apologize the next day when you see your neighbor/s).
  4. Parking spots: In most situations parking spots are allocated for each apartment, if you faced a problem with your parking and your last resort was to take someone else’s spot, make sure to inform your security/ concierge or simply leave your number for people to find in your car to call you when they need their spot back.
  5. Party alert: inform your neighbors about an upcoming party you are having just for them to know what to expect (you are not taking permission, but informing them)
  6. Garbage: When you want to leave your garbage outside of your apartment to be disposed later on, do not put it half way in the common hall way facing the elevator for visitors to trip on, and make sure you seal them well.
  7. COMMUNICATE: if you happen to run into your neighbor at the main entrance, stop and chat, be open, perhaps tell them about something that is bothering you about how they’re being noisy or simply THANK them for being good neighbors or share a piece of news you heard about your neighborhood maybe they didn’t know.
  8. Elevator: When you step in to an already occupied elevator, SAY HELLO. If you’re waiting for the elevator with your neighbor communicate, hold the door for them, press the button for them, ask them how they are, invite them for a cup of coffee, WHY NOT?

8.5. Say hello back! When your neighbor takes the initiative to say Hello, ANSWER. You are not better than them, you’re living in the same building, the same area, both driving cars with 4 wheels, you take the same elevator, have the same apartment layout, and showering with the same water, you are not showering with Evian, you are not different.

In conclusion, taking it back to the top, WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF THIS WORLD!


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