Have you ever wondered if you could get a glimpse of your future, a better insight on your greatest potential, or gain perspective of your goals? With Future Life Progression (FLP), you will experience and focus on your success and skills to achieve your ultimate goals.

Marwa Rahal Patz is the First Licensed Practitioner in Future Life Progression in Lebanon.

What is Future Life Progression?

Future Life Progression (FLP) is a new guided meditation technique that takes you forward to see your best possible future through visual impressions.

FLP gives you the chance to experience both the knowledge and the feeling accompanied with achieving a certain goal and bringing back the Energy, Motivation, and Confidence to make the best decision for your lifestyle, career, health, and even relationships.

In this fast paced life, you may feel distracted from what you are meant to be doing. Through visualizing and experiencing your own future,  FLP helps you get back on track and unlock the knowledge to finding your way.

With Future Life Progression, you are able to understand and know your own worth and value to project your full potential and skills to the world!


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